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Monthly Archives: December, 2011


The pitter-patter of raindropshave been a staple of today.They are nature’s white noisemasking every other sound.  Remarkable,how they sound the sameon every surfaceor in any situation. Reliable. And it makes peopleslower, sluggish.Probably cos it soundsand looks so nice on the glass of the solar panels. They are starving even in this sunny, sunny state. But only …

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Word problem from October 27, 2011

An inlet faucet can fill a small pond in 60 minutes. The pond can be emptied by an outlet pipe in 80 minutes. You begin filling the empty pond. By accident, the outlet pipe that empties the pond is left open. Under these conditions, how long will it take for the pond to fill? There …

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Finals, Fall 2011

Oh gosh. Due to it being finals week, I am supposed to be catching up on math homework and reviewing so I can pass the exam tomorrow. I believe it is my only chance at passing.  I despise math. Well, not so much math as algebra. Basic math is useful, but abstract math is just… …

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